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About the Author

John Klyczek has an MA in English and over a decade of experience teaching a range of college courses, including rhetoric, research argumentation, interdisciplinary studies, and literary studies. His literary scholarship concentrates on historicist analyses of globalism, technocracy, and eugenics in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and other science fiction dystopias.

Klyczek is the author of School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education (TrineDay Books), which has been translated into Japanese (Uni Agency) and cited in Dr. Garry Robson’s Virtually Lost: Young Americans in the Digital Technocracy (Routledge) and Joe Allen’s Dark Aeon: Transhumanism and the War Against Humanity (Skyhorse). Additionally, Klyczek contributed extensive research to Dr. Michael Rectenwald’s The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda (New English Review).

Klyczek's research has also been published by Unlimited HangoutNew Politics, the Center for Research on Globalization, OpEdNews, the Activist Post, the Intrepid Report, the Dissident Voice, Blacklisted News, Counter Markets, News With Views, The Saker, Natural, and Natural News. His research articles have also been republished on Technocracy, the Canadian Patriot, What Really Happened?, and the SGT Report. Notable mentions of his research include Ryan Cristián's Last American Vagabond, George Gammon's Rebel Capitalist Show, John F. O'Donell's JFOD News, John Rappaport’s No More Fake News, Steve Bannon’s War Room, the Epoch Times, and the New American.

In addition, Klyczek has presented his research at several conferences, including G. Edward Griffin's Red Pill Expo and Courtenay Turner's C.A.U.S.E. Fest. Others include Jagiellonian University's Rise of the Digital Technocracy conference and the American Freedom Alliance's Global Puppet Masters conference.

Klyczek has also been interviewed on an array of popular radio shows and podcasts, including Grand Theft World, the David Knight Show, UK Column, the Hrvoje Morić ShowJay's Analysis, the Richie Allen Show, the Opperman ReportWilliam Ramsey InvestigatesGrimerica, and the Higher Side Chats. He has also been interviewed by Whitney Webb, Jason Bermas, Gareth Icke, Johnny Vedmore, and UFC hall-of-famer Pat Miletich. 

Klyczek has over two decades of martial arts experience. He holds a black belt in classical tae kwon do, and he is a certified kickboxing instructor under the international Muay Thai Boxing Association.

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