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Can I Use Human Ringworm Cream On My Cat

This cream is safe for use on both cats and kittens. You will have to apply a small amount of medication to the affected areas on the pet’s body. Make sure the product doesn’t come in contact with the cat’s: nose mouth eyes ears You should also avoid using the product on the pet for a period of more than 14 days. Human shampoo is no good for cats (different skin pH). Although i used ketoconazole cream on my cat, on advice from the vet.

The vet cautioned that i should definitely NOT use it on any area that the cat might be able to lick / groom. It's poisonous if ingested. It still takes a long time to heal, even with treatment. Once your vet diagnoses ringworm, he’ll recommend a treatment that’s appropriate for your cat’s situation. Often, vets will recommend using topical creams or shampoos as well as giving your cat oral anti-fungal medications. In addition to treating ringworm in your cat, it’s important to treat the environment where he’s been. Yes, topical canesten cream would be effective if it is a single focal lesion. It is important to trim the hair so the cream can be applied to the skin directly and ensure she is nit able to lick the area where you have applied the cream. However there are often several lesions, so systemic treatment is more effective. The vet may advise you to dip your cat in a solution composed of lime and sulfur. Repeat the process for four days or three. Ensure that the cat’s skin and fur are dry. Dip the cat into the solution and allow it to flow. Do not rinse the solution from the coat. Remember that this combination can stain different surfaces. 🥇How to Get Rid Of Ringworm in Cats in (September 2021 Over the Counter Treatment for Ringworm in Cats Over the Counter Treatment for Ringworm in Cats 🥇How to Get Rid Of Ringworm in Cats in (September 2021 Well, you should know that you can potentially use the same cream on your cat. However, it needs to be specifically formulated for felines. After all, a human dosage would likely be too strong for a cat. This is something you must be cautious about. Please make sure that you give your cat the right dosage.

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